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PAR30 PAR38 LED Indoor Light Bulb Dimmable Cool Natural White PAR20 Flood qegfcq2206-Home

Illinois Science Council (“ISC”) is an independent 501c3 organization that engages, educates, and entertains the public about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in our everyday lives. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 15481, 72132, F17T8 XL SPX30 ECO, F17T8 XL SPX30 WM ECISC serves as the adult complement to student-focused science efforts, and the science & tech counterpart to the region’s arts & culture offerings by raising STEM understanding and appreciation.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 1958, 28011, HIKARI A-02013 150W 28V

ISC explores a wide variety of topics with a fun, non-stuffy approach. We create engaging programs (aimed at adults and accessible to teens) such as:REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 21849, CSR 1200 SA, CSR1200 SA HR 1200W 100V hands-on chemistry (Chemistry of… Beer, Chocolate, Whiskey, Coffee, Honey, etc.); panel discussions on science subjects in the news (Your Brain on Happiness, on Creativity, on Addiction, on Exercise, etc.); REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 25261, 31964, FLT, INDUS 456-HFP, KLS FLT 13.8-25author talks (Lisa Randall, Mary Roach, Randall Munroe of XKCD); film screenings (“The Atom Smashers”), plus the Chicago Science Festival; and more.

Carl Sagan observed:

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent upon science and technology in which hardly anyone understands anything about science and technology.” REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 30479, 30480, 39456, 39457, 39630, 39635 650W 220V

ISC is certainly working to change that.

PAR30 PAR38 LED Indoor Light Bulb Dimmable Cool Natural White PAR20 Flood qegfcq2206-Home

PAR30 PAR38 LED Indoor Light Bulb Dimmable Cool Natural White PAR20 Flood qegfcq2206-Home

A blog about the science of everyday life...and some from out of this world.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 50340LL (H3-55), 50340U, H3-55, H3-55D 55W 12V View More

The Illinois Science Council invites you to join us at our 5th annual Chicago Science Fest!  We have a supercharged week of science lined up just for you, including our signature event: REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE 80853, GCA, KLS GCA 120-250, LOWEL P1-10 250W 120Vthe Chicago Science Expo on Saturday, May 18th. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE BVW-Q2000T10 4CL MP, BVWQ2MT10 4CL MP 2000W 120V Check out our schedule of amazing events below, and click here to read more about each specific event. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR DAMAR 04851A, LIGHT BULB LAMP F15T12 350BL 500 PH 22W

As a high school student, I had a love of technical subjects, such as physics, math and computer programming. I also spent a great deal of time in art classes.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE CSR575 SS DE 75, MSR575 gold SA DE, GENI STRATUS 5-X I was blessed with a generous and dedicated art teacher (thank you, Leona Mackey).

Those interests overlapped for me in photography, which I dove into deeply. While shooting, I immersed myself in my senses.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE F24”T8CW 4, HALCO 109234, F18T8CW K24 18W When composing, I leveraged intuition and critical thinking. And in the darkroom, I practiced my analytical thinking skills as I developed and printed my photographs.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE FLE25TBX HPF SPX27 SW, FLE28QBX A 827, Case Of 6 Continue reading “Navigating the Space between Art and Science”

Ironically, despite the horrors of war, armed conflict has a way of advancing medicineREPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE HEALTHCARE ULTROSPEC II DEUTERIUM LAMP. Gruesome injuries sustained on the battlefield provide opportunities for surgeons to experiment and test new approaches for treatment. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE MPR350 VBU PA, GREEN ENERGY 20429, 20429-GEL, 20436 320WDuring World War II for example, blood poisoning, bronchitis, and other infectious diseases contracted by soldiers created a demand for broad spectrum antibiotics, which encouraged British scientists to find new ways to produce penicillin on a mass scale.

Sometimes, weapons of war themselves have applications other than mass destruction.REPLACEMENT BULB FOR GE Q20T2.5 12V CL-12V, Q20T3 CL, Q20T3 CL CD 20W 12V Consider hydrazine (N2H4), a chemical compound that received renewed recognition by the military-industrial complex in 1937 Germany. REPLACEMENT BULB FOR HOWARD MP250 BU PS, NAED 64578, 64789 250W